ssapredict: a biologist's tool for enhancing the computational performance of stochastic simulations

What is ssapredict?

ssapredict is a web service designed to automate the process of determining the fastest stochastic simulation algorithm (SSA) for a bio-chemical model. It calculates the topological properties of a model to predict the best performing algorithm.

ssapredict is easy to use. With one-button click you upload a model and receive a prediction.
You can then download the simulator customised for your model (for GNU/Linux, Windows or Mac OS).

How can I help?

We are looking for more models to train/test ssapredict on and more algorithms to include in our stochastic simulator.
We believe, that with your help we can not only create a platform for SSA comparison but also drive algorithmic innovation in the SSA community. Please read more on what we need and how can you help us.